Community news from RaumStation

Here we share the latest coworking events from the RaumStation in Berlin with you:

On the first floor in raumstation is, a 13 m long green wall, on which various tropical plants grow, extends across the entire depth of the factory floor. A hydroponic pot-in-pot system and professional plant lighting ensure healthy and sustainable growth.



RaumStation has been supplying its coworkers with green electricity since its foundation in 2009 - since the beginning of April 2020 the power is now also generated by the coworkers themselves - on their own roof directly on site - in Berlin Moabit.


It’s not easy being a freelancer - so many ideas in your head but no place where you can translate these thoughts into real projects. A place that still has a nice community and a good infrastructure (...) How do you find a co-working space in Berlin?  How do you find the raumstation?