Green power for our coworkers in RaumStation

"Green power for the RaumStation"

RaumStation has been supplying its coworkers with green electricity since its foundation in 2009 - since the beginning of April 2020 the power is now also generated by the coworkers themselves - on their own roof directly on site - in Berlin Moabit.


Drone flight to RaumStation:


Coworking feels wonderful there. 

The screen glows like new and the bits and bytes scurry through the computers with a sunny smile. The facts:

  • 15,000 kWh/year yield
  • approx. 70 % direct own consumption
  • approx. 9,000 kg/year avoided Co2 emissions

On the way to becoming the most Co2 friendly coworking space in Berlin, the RaumStation is way ahead - also thanks to our Co2 neutral heating system, which is powered by wood chips. The garden for our coworkers with raised beds and compost also contributes its share. For a good urban climate.

RaumStation Photovoltaik

"Green power for the RaumStation"

Thanks to all project participants:
Aerial photos: Andreas Dalström,
Planning and implementation: RaumstarArchhitekten
Builder: Auxolar,

If you still have questions about this coworking project, please contact us or one of the project partners directly:
RaumStation, Berlin in April 2020